The Public Health and Social Research Unit collate information for the whole of the West Sussex county area as well as for smaller, more specific populations. In this section of the website you will find a range of profiles, briefing documents and short reports as well as interactive web pages with the most up to date information on the demographics and health experiences of our communities.

This information can be used to show the current picture of the county and its population as well as support commissioners and other decision makers to make plans to reduce health inequality across the county and improve the lives of local populations.

Public Health England provide a range of publically available, ready to download and print, data profiles for West Sussex county as well as Districts and Boroughs. These can be found in the snapshot of the county and district profile pages.

For each Clinical Commissioning Group (see our pages for NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG, NHS Crawley CCG and NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG), data on a range of topics has been collated under four headings (population, wider determinants of health, long-term conditions and GP patient survey). The data in these sections capture the demographics and experiences of people living in the CCG areas and those using services commissioned by these CCGs.