Snapshot of the county

This page contains a snapshot document outlining key health topics and demographics for West Sussex. For subject specific data, please use the menus across the top of the JSNA website.

Public Health England provide these ‘Health Profiles’ as a routinely published, readily available, and consistent document for all local authority areas in England. These Health Profiles are meant to be conversation starters, highlighting issues that can affect health in each locality.

The profiles contain around 30 indicators which are reviewed regularly across four pages so that anyone can pick up the document and quickly identify areas to focus on.

Click here to download the September 2016 version of the West Sussex Health Profile. In addition to the static pdf document, Public Health England also publish the data online for users to view interactively. The online profile for West Sussex can be found here.

Public Health England have been publishing these Health Profiles for 10 years, and previous versions of the profiles can be found by visiting the Health Profiles website.