In NHS Crawley CCG the most prevalent disease was Hypertension with a prevalence of 12.2% of the GP registered population. This equates to around 15,800 people.

The top three most prevalent diseases in NHS Crawley CCG for 2015/16 were:

  1. Hypertension (12.2%)
  2. Obesity (18+) (9.5%)
  3. Depression (18+) (8.6%)

It should be noted that the QOF prevalence figures do not detail the number of people newly diagnosed within each year, but rather the number of patients with a diagnosis on the GP practice list.

Importantly, QOF registers reflect recorded diagnoses of disease and they may not reflect the true prevalence of a disease in a population as individuals may live with a disease and not report symptoms to their GP and as such the prevalence of a disease may be underestimated.

The chart below shows the 2015/16 QOF recorded prevalence of diseases in NHS Crawley CCG and England; including 95% confidence intervals.

Recorded disease prevalence – NHS Crawley CCG 2015/16 QOF
Source: NHS Digital

The 2015/16 QOF report for GP practices in NHS Crawley CCG can be found here, and you can browse through the document embedded below.