The Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS 2007) provided estimates of the prevalence of common mental health conditions by age and gender. Common mental health conditions include mood and anxiety disorders (e.g. generalised anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder), and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

The table below presents estimates of the number of people in Coastal West Sussex CCG who have a common mental health problem. These are presented by age and gender. These figures have been calculated by applying the prevalence estimates from the APMS 2007 to the 2014 CCG population estimates devised by the ONS.

Note. as some people may have more than one mental health problem (comorbidity) the total does not equal the sum of all specific mental health problems. These estimates reflect the adult (16+) population, and do not include estimates of childhood mental health conditions.

Prevalence of common mental health disorders: Coastal West Sussex CCG

Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder19001720201027902010118096013310
Generalised anxiety disorder440950127014108008805506560
Depressive episode3506307009004401201303670
All phobias7035041024018090<51540
Obessive compulsive disorder37035033024012060801740
Panic disorder320210350280180300801930
Any CMD300034004070500031302270159024120
Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder269034802890521029102920262023700
Generalised anxiety disorder116010601760292017801220105011420
Depressive episode63042095017907105407606030
All phobias590590810800710140704310
Obessive compulsive disorder6603703005802301401802800
Panic disorder180570420400450302202590
Any CMD486056805820918056904550443042450
Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder459051804840795049504110363036760
Generalised anxiety disorder162020103020433025402120160017970
Depressive episode99010501650262011806409209390
All phobias68091012001060870190605720
Obessive compulsive disorder10407206307803101902504490
Panic disorder5007707406406203203104490
Any CMD7880902098501412087306800609066160
Source: Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (2007)
Note: Prevalence estimates by age and gender from the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (2007) were applied to the CCG population (ONS Mid-Year Estimates 2014 (built up from LSOAs)) to produce these values. Figures are rounded to the nearest 10 so may not sum. As some people may have more than one problem the "any CMD" does not equate to the total of all specific problems.