Tobacco smoking has been attributed to a host of communicable (e.g. tuberculosis and lower respiratory infections) as well as non-communicable (e.g. malignant neoplasms of the trachea, bronchus, and lung, ischaemic heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) diseases (WHO 2012. Global Report: Mortality Attributable to Tobacco). Smoking attributable mortality is an estimate of the number of deaths attributable to cigarette smoking.

Smoking attributable mortality presented here is the directly age-standardised rate (per 100,000) for persons aged 35+ years. The graph below shows smoking attributable mortality rates for local authority districts within the Coastal West Sussex CCG region for 2007-09 to 2012-2014.

The overlapping confidence intervals indicate that there may be little difference across years.

Source - Local Tobacco Control Profile (PHE)

Source – Local Tobacco Control Profile (PHE)