Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain, causing repeated seizures. It is estimated that almost 1 in every 100 people has epilepsy (NHS choices).

The figure shows that the QOF prevalence of epilepsy (as a % of modelled prevalence) is varied across NHS Crawley CCG, ranging from 53.7% of the modelled prevalence in Saxonbrook Medical Centre to 111.7% of the modelled prevalence in Woodlands and Clerklands Partnership. This may suggest variation in the number of people registered with practices for the treatment of epilepsy across the CCG, with greater than expected numbers in some areas and lower than expected numbers in others.

It should be noted that the recorded prevalence of Epilepsy at GP level for the QOF is for those aged 18 years and over.

QOF prevalence of epilepsy as a % of modelled prevalence
Data sources
QOF: 2015/16 (published in November 2016)
Practice Population: GP Practice Population (as at 31st March 2016)
Prevalence Model: ONS (Purcell et al)/General Practice Research Database (1998)