Premature mortality (under 75s)

In England, in 2012-14, one in three people died before the age of 75. Deaths before this age are considered to be premature. Longer Lives is a web tool from Public Health England (available here) to higher premature mortality across Local Authority districts and counties in England. Data are drawn from records of deaths reported each year by the Office for National Statistics and are all available in the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF).

Premature mortality data in the Longer Lives tool are given as directly standardised rates per 100,000 (using the European Standard Population, ESP 2013) to enable comparisons across areas which have dissimilar population age structures. Standardising takes into account that death rates are higher in older populations. Data are pooled across three year periods to ensure that there are a sufficient number of deaths in each area to enable robust calculation of rates

The chart below shows the directly age-standardised rate of premature mortality (under 75s deaths per 100,000 ESP 2013) in Crawley for years 2011-13 and 2012-14.

Source: Office for National Statistics

Source: Public Health Outcomes Framework, Public Health England (rates calculated by PHE based on ONS data)

In Crawley, 726 deaths were recorded among those aged under 75 years in 2012-14. The standardised rate of 337.4 deaths per 100,000 ESP 2013 (95% CI: 312.5 – 363.7 deaths) in 2012-14 for Crawley meant that it was 195th out of 324 Local Authority Districts nationally when ranked in order of lowest to highest premature mortality rate. The premature mortality rate in Crawley was significantly higher than the rate for West Sussex (295.6 deaths per 100,000 ESP 2013, 95% CI: 288.5 – 302.8 deaths) and South East region (300.3 deaths per 100,000 ESP 2013, 95% CI: 298 – 302.6 deaths) for 2012-14 but was statistically similar to the England rate for the same period (337.1 deaths per 100,000 ESP, 95% CI: 336.1 – 338.1).