GP Registered and Resident Population
Population information is available in different formats depending on the definition used. These are as follows:-

Registered population:
The number of people registered with a GP regardless of where they live
Resident population:
The number of people residing in a particular geographical area (e.g. a district)

The GP registered population for Crawley CCG in July 2016 is 130,600. Crawley CCG has more people aged up to 14 years and between 25-59, and less people in the 60+ age groups. Comparison between the registered population and resident population in Crawley CCG (as shown in the table below) shows that there are generally higher numbers of people registered to a GP in Crawley than are estimated to be resident in the area.

Sources: HSCIC (July-2016 GP registered population); ONS (MYE 2014 resident population)

Sources: HSCIC (July-2016 GP registered population); ONS (MYE 2014 resident population)

GP Registered and Resident Population of Crawley CCG

Age GroupGP registered population of Crawley CCGResident population of Crawley CCG
Number*% of PopulationNumber*% of Population
Age 0-48,8006.7%8,5007.7%
Age 5-1416,30012.5%13,70012.5%
Age 15-2414,80011.3%12,20011.1%
Age 25-4440,70031.1%35,10031.9%
Age 45-6432,40024.8%26,10023.7%
Age 65-749,5007.3%7,3006.7%
Age 75-845,4004.1%4,8004.4%
Age 85+2,8002.1%2,3002.0%
* Numbers are rounded to the nearest 100. Totals may not sum due to rounding. GP Registered (July 2016 - NHS Digital), Mid Year Estimate (2014 - ONS)

The table below shows the ONS mid-2014 resident population estimates at Local Authority level.

Crawley has above average percentage of young people aged 0-19 years compared to the whole of West Sussex and England. It also has below average percentages of people aged 65 and over, and 75 and over compared to the West Sussex county and England overall.

Crawley CCG Population Estimate (2014)

AreasPopulation Estimates Mid-2014
Total usual resident population0-19 years65+ years75+ years
Number% of populationNumber% of populationNumber% of population
Crawley CCG109,88028,23025.7%14,40013.1%7,0606.4%
WEST SUSSEX828,400186,33022.5%183,97022.2%89,22010.8%
Source: ONS Mid-Year Population Estimate 2014