Common Mental Health Disorders

The Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS 2007) provided estimates of the prevalence of common mental health conditions by age and gender. Common mental health conditions include mood and anxiety disorders (e.g. generalised anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder), and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

The table below presents estimates of the number of people in Crawley CCG who have a common mental health problem. These are presented by age and gender. These figures have been calculated by applying the prevalence estimates from the APMS 2007 to the 2014 CCG population estimates devised by the ONS.

Note. as some people may have more than one mental health problem (comorbidity) the total does not equal the sum of all specific mental health problems. These estimates reflect the adult (16+) population, and do not include estimates of childhood mental health conditions.

Prevalence of common mental health disorders: Crawley CCG

Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder4606706306203701401102930
Generalised anxiety disorder110370400310150100601440
Depressive episode80240220200801010810
All phobias20130130503010<5340
Obessive compulsive disorder9013010050201010380
Panic disorder808011060304010420
Any CMD7201310128011105802601705310
Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder660133079010505103303104840
Generalised anxiety disorder2804104805903101401202330
Depressive episode16016026036012060901230
All phobias1402302201601202010880
Obessive compulsive disorder16014080120402020570
Panic disorder402201108080<530530
Any CMD119021701580185010005105208670
Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder11201990141016808904704207780
Generalised anxiety disorder3907708809104502401803810
Depressive episode240410480550210701101990
All phobias16035035022016020101210
Obessive compulsive disorder250280180160602030950
Panic disorder1203002201301104040950
Any CMD1910347028802980156078070014010
Source: Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (2007)
Source: Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (2007)
Note: Prevalence estimates by age and gender from the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (2007) were applied to the CCG population (ONS Mid-Year Estimates 2014 (built up from LSOAs)) to produce these values. Figures are rounded to the nearest 10 so may not sum. As some people may have more than one problem the "any CMD" does not equate to the total of all specific problems.