For adults, obesity is generally defined for epidemiological purposes as a body mass index (BMI) equal to, or exceeding 30kg/m^2 (National Obesity Observatory, PHE). Excess weight is defined as a BMI of 25kg/m^2 or more.

The table below illustrate the estimated prevalence of obesity (BMI >=30kg/m^2) and excess weight (BMI >=25kg/m^2) among adults in Crawley. This data is from the Active People Survey and spans 2012-14. Wide confidence intervals suggest that there may be little difference in the prevalence of excess weight and obesity across areas.

Adults (16yrs +) with excess weight or obesity (2012-14), Crawley

Adults with excess weightAdults with obesity
%95% confidence%95% confidence
Crawley65.0%62.5 to 67.6%24.1%21.8 to 26.4%
West Sussex63.7%62.7 to 64.7%22.0%21.2 to 22.9%
South East63.4%63.1 to 63.7%22.5%22.2 to 22.8%
England64.6%64.5 to 64.7%24.0%23.9 to 24.1%
Source: PHE (Fingertips)