Under-18 Conceptions

Conception data combine information from registrations of births and notifications of legal abortions occurring in England and Wales for women who are usually resident there. Conception statistics include pregnancies that result in:

They do not include miscarriages or illegal abortions.

The date of conception is estimated using recorded gestation for abortions and stillbirths, and assuming 38 weeks gestation for live births. A woman’s age at conception is calculated as the number of complete years between her date of birth and the date she conceived.

The figure reveals that in Horsham and Mid Sussex local authorities the number teenage conceptions have generally been deceasing. The rate of under-18 conceptions is significantly lower in Horsham and Mid Sussex than in England (12.4 and 14.0 under 18 conceptions per 1,000 women aged 15-17 respectively, compared to 22.8 in England).

Note. This information is only available at local authority level. Horsham local authority is jointly covered by Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG and Coastal West Sussex CCG.

Source: ONS - Conception Statistics - England and Wales 2014

Source: ONS – Conception Statistics – England and Wales 2014