Smoking at time of delivery

Smoking in pregnancy increases the risk of low weight babies and premature birth, and children exposed to smoke in their homes are not only at greater risk of developing illnesses, including respiratory conditions, but are far more likely to become smokers themselves in later life.

In Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG, 4.4% of new mothers reported smoking at time of delivery. This is significantly lower than Coastal West Sussex CCG and Crawley CCG. Note. Differences in reporting may account for some of the variation in the statistics presented here, so this data should be taken with caution.

The number and proportion of women smoking at time of delivery (2015/16)

2015-16Number of MaternitiesWomen Smoking at Time of Delivery% of women whose smoking status was unknown
Number%Lower CIUpper CINumber
Coastal West Sussex CCG4,64555111.9%11.0%12.8%1.3%
Crawley CCG1,7101136.6%5.5%7.9%0.3%
Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG2,243994.4%3.6%5.3%1.9%
NHS England South (South East)48,0374,97510.4%10.1%10.6%0.9%
South Commissioning Region149,40615,26310.2%10.1%10.4%1.3%
Source: HSCIC - Statistics on Women's Smoking Status at Time of Delivery, 2015-16

Smoking at the time of delivery

Source: HSCIC - Smoking at Time of Delivery 2014/15 to 2015/16 (quarterly)

Source: HSCIC – Smoking at Time of Delivery 2014/15 to 2015/16 (quarterly)