This section contains information about housing, including, household composition, tenure, housing condition and homelessness.


Housing in West Sussex: Review of data

Date Added: 14/04/2012

Housing in West Sussex: Review of data

This is a review of the evidence relating to the need for housing and supported housing in West Sussex.

It collates current evidence, identifies “known knowledge gaps” and provides a high-level summary of
the assumptions underpinning housing and supported housing needs strategies and service reviews.

Data collected as apart of this review will be incorporated into the wider West Sussex Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), providing an expanded core dataset to incorporate housing and housing related data.

Supported housing needs cannot be isolated from “wider” housing needs, therefore information on wider housing need and supply is also included.

In relation to supported housing, West Sussex County Council has undertaken (as of summer 2011) a series of strategic reviews, examining the provision for the following client groups:-

o younger people
o older people
o offenders and ex-offenders
o people who have experienced domestic violence
o people with mental health problems

In addition to examining existing provision, these reviews have also considered wider issues and unmet need.

Further strategic reviews are planned for homeless people and families, and people with substance misuse problems.

Download: Housing in West Sussex: Review of data