Child Health Profiles (formerly Children and Family Centre Profiles)

The West Sussex Public Health and Social Research Unit have been working on the production of a new Child Health Profile. The new profile extends the former Children and Family Centre Profiles, and includes data on children aged 0-19, rather than focusing on the early years only.

The profile is an interactive dashboard that summarises a wide range of data including demographics (e.g. population estimates, births), deprivation (e.g. index of multiple deprivation), health and wellbeing (e.g. hospital admissions, obesity) and education (e.g. absence and exclusion, Early Years Foundation stage).

The profile presents a wealth of data at the geographical area of the user’s choice (such as Children and Family Centre boundaries, Education Localities, Integrated Prevention and Earliest Help (IPEH) hubs, district and boroughs etc.).

The new profile supersedes the CFC profiles and is now available to download.