Child Health Profiles (from 2017)

The West Sussex Child Health Profile (2017) is a new interactive dashboard that summarises a wide range of data about the health and wellbeing of children, young people and their families (e.g. demographic, socioeconomic, health). This profile replaces the West Sussex Children’s Workforce Public Health profile (2016), extending the data up to ages 19/25.

Further information about the profile is included in the following slides:

To improve local insight, data is presented at the geographical area of the user’s choice (such as Children and Family Centre boundaries, Education Localities, Integrated Prevention and Earliest Help (IPEH) hubs, district and boroughs etc.).

At the time of publishing (Jan 2018), there were 43 Children and Family Centres in West Sussex. These were arranged into 12 Children and Family Centre Groups, and 6 Integrated Prevention and Earliest Help (IPEH) hub areas.

The map below shows the main CFC sites (not including secondary sites). In addition, some CFCs are mobile sites and so may not be displayed in their primary location. Click on a centre or area to find out more. Use the toggle buttons (bottom left) to switch the view between different geographies.