Children and Family Centre profiles (up to 2016)

The West Sussex Children’s Workforce Public Health data profile (2016) is an interactive dashboard that summarises a wide range of data relating to the early years (e.g. demographic, socioeconomic, health and early years) and is published at Children and Family Centre (CFC) level. The profile aims to help the Children’s Workforce monitor changes in the health and wellbeing of the under 5 population within their centre area and supports the West Sussex Health4Families Programme.

This updated the data published in the 2015 profile.

At the time of publishing (Nov 2016), there were 43 Children and Family Centres in West Sussex. These were arranged into 12 Children and Family Centre Groups, and 6 Integrated Prevention and Earliest Help (IPEH) hub areas.

Further information about the profile is included in the following slides: