Additional Resources

The resources provided here are created by a number of different organisations (e.g. NHS Digital (formerly HSCIC), Public Health England) to help understand the needs of our local population. This can include resources to describe the quality of healthcare services and health related outcomes, comparisons with similar CCGs or areas, as well as wider determinants of health and wellbeing.

These resources have not been produced by the West Sussex Public Health and Social Research Unit, and we are not responsible for their release or data quality.

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups Outcome Indicator Set (CCG OIS). The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set provides CCGs with comparative information about the quality of healthcare services and health outcomes.
  • Commissioning for Value (RightCare). NHS RightCare produce a range of resources to help CCGs gather data, evidence and tools regarding how care is given to their patients and populations.
  • National General Practice Profiles. The National General Practice Profiles aim to support GPs and CCGs to understand how effectively they are providing and commissioning healthcare services for their local population.
  • Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). The QOF is the annual reward and incentive programme that rewards GP practices for the provision of quality care.
  • Cardiovascular Disease Profiles. The Cardiovascular Disease Profile reports are an overview of data on cardiovascular and cardiovascular related conditions of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. The profiles are for commissioners and health professionals when assessing the impact of cardiovascular disease on their local population and making decisions about services. They include data on mortality, hospital admissions, procedures and disease management.