NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG

This section summarises local level data for NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG. This is structured into four sections (population, wider determinants of health, long-term conditions, and GP patient survey). The CCG index page provides an overview (and links) to all sections relating to NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG.


This section contains information such as the areas covered by the CCG, the size of the population, projected population, births and deaths, and indices of deprivation.

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Wider Determinants of Health

This section contains data on wider determinants of health and wellbeing, including: tobacco and alcohol use, mental health, weight, physical activity and healthy eating.

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Long-Term Conditions

This section contains data on long-term conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, heart disease and stroke.

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GP Patient Survey

This section contains a summary of the data from the GP patient survey. This includes patient feedback on ease of access to their GP, management of their health etc. at GP practices within the CCG.

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