Alcohol misuse is a major risk factor for early death in England and contributes to many health conditions that can lead to illness and disability. However, the prevalence of risky drinking and the harms connected with alcohol consumption are not spread evenly across society. A Health Equity Audit (HEA) is an approach to exploring how fairly resources, opportunities and access are distributed according to the needs of different groups of people.

In this HEA series, we sought to understand the West Sussex picture of people drinking at hazardous, harmful or probable dependent levels.

A summary report is available now which provides an overview of the HEA methodology, findings and recommendations with further detailed reports published in time.

The HEA series is intended to provide local evidence to support equitable access to treatment and outcomes, whilst underpinning the development of a strategic approach to alcohol in West Sussex.

We also intend to publish a set of resources, including interactive maps and infographics to support local commissioning and other stakeholders.

This report describes service data from the main alcohol early intervention and specialist services in West Sussex.

Alcohol Health Equity Audit Series page

A dedicated Alcohol Health Equity Audit Series Page on the West Sussex JSNA website will be the place to find our short read summary report and other chapters.