Understanding & Reducing Drug Demand: Bognor Regis Analysis 2021 is the first report of its kind to be conducted in West Sussex. It aims to understand the drivers and implications of drug demand on the locale of Bognor Regis, recognising the impact on resources and communities.

Recommendations made in the 2018 Bognor Regis Home Office Locality Review, a report sponsored by the National Violence and Vulnerability Unit, provides the rationale for conducting this analysis. Bognor Regis was identified for this review as a result of the impact of County Lines on the town and surrounding area. It was suggested that partners consider producing an informed problem profile looking at the status of the drug market, with public health identified as having a major role in understanding the nature of local drug demand.

This new report combines public health and place-based approaches, mixed methods analysis, and novel conceptions, to relocate conversations around the supply and demand of drug use, violence and exploitation in the community into the public health field.

Findings from the Locality Review are addressed by this report. Importantly, its analysis corroborates Dame Carol Black’s recent independent report: Review of drugs part two: prevention, treatment, and recovery. Scrutiny of the partnership data contained within the report will allow greater collective understanding of the demand for drugs in Bognor Regis, enabling the creation of multi-agency and sustainable public health interventions. These must meet the needs of local residents as championed by Dame Black’s report.


To read more about the Bognor Regis Drug Demand Analysis 2021, and for other reports relating to substance misuse in West Sussex, please visit our substance misuse page.