The misuse (or excessive use) of drugs and alcohol have been linked to a range of negative impacts for individuals, families and communities, including early death, long term health conditions, reduced quality of life and economic opportunities, and increased social issues, including homelessness, violence and exploitation, which require interventions from state and community-level service provision. National guidance and government policies outline potential actions for improving outcomes related to substance misuse. A necessary component for such action is a local-level examination of the facts, in the form of this health needs assessment.

This newly published report is a part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for West Sussex, so contains information for system-wide plans, including CCG commissioners, partnership leads, and all those concerned with drug and alcohol use, community safeguarding, population health, policing and adults’ and children’s social care. Its purpose is to provide an up-to-date summary of substance misuse issues in West Sussex, including figures on vulnerable populations and health-outcomes, particularly pertaining to wider social determinants and other drivers of poor health seen in the literature, and has been requested by local substance misuse commissioners to support decisions taken in the planning, commissioning, and provision of services.


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