Lifestyle surveys are undertaken at regular intervals to give a better understanding of the lifestyles of specific age-groups and to identify any health and wellbeing issues that may be present.

Younger People

In the younger age-groups, these lifestyle surveys also aim to estimate the prevalence of high-risk behaviours and to give insight into the attitudes young people have towards them.

The results of the surveys have been made available to schools, local residents, governing bodies and other relevant agencies to inform and improve the development and commissioning of appropriate health promotion interventions.

These surveys fill in a knowledge gap, in the lifestyles, health and attitudes of an age-range that is often overlooked. This is especially true of the 16-24 age-group, who, often no longer being in school and with a poor response to postal surveys, are a difficult group to reach.

Adolescence and early adult life is a key time of transition, when behaviour, thinking and beliefs are undergoing rapid change. It is important that services understand the needs of these groups so that appropriate policies and services can be developed and the gap between child and adult services be bridged.


These reports provide information on the demographics, lifestyles, high-risk and sexual behaviours, attitudes and emotional wellbeing of young people in West Sussex.

The Lifestyles of 14 to 15 year olds in West Sussex 2015 (PDF, 15.9Mb) survey was conducted in the spring and summer terms of 2014 with 19 schools participating (representing the views of 3,597 Year 10 pupils).

The Lifestyles of 14 to 15 year olds in West Sussex 2010 (PDF, 5Mb) survey took place in the summer of 2009 with 21 schools participating (representing the views of 3,375 Year 10 pupils).

The Lifestyles of 16 to 24 year olds in West Sussex 2008 (PDF, 4.4Mb) survey was conducted in the winter term of 2006-2007 at three Further and Higher Education Colleges in West Sussex (representing the views of 2,672 young adults).

Older People

There has also been a lack of robust local information on lifestyle factors which impact on older people’s health and well-being.

Lifestyle surveys for this age-group were designed to collect information on demographics, social and health factors and vulnerability of older people in West Sussex. The information collected here aims to help health and social caring services in meeting the specific needs of the older population in West Sussex.


A telephone survey of 2,803 randomly selected residents aged 65+ was conducted to understand levels of loneliness, social isolation and participation in older people in the county and to obtain data on health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Lives of Older People in West Sussex Survey. Summary Report 2013 (PDF, 0.3Mb)

The Lifestyles of Older People in West Sussex 2006 (PDF, 5.7Mb) report was conducted in 2006 and covers smoking and alcohol, carers, contact with health services, home, anti-social behaviour and vulnerability of 48,202 people aged 60+ in West Sussex.

Further information

These surveys address many of the health behaviours that are part of people’s lifestyles. Click the links below for more in-depth reports on these specific issues: