This section contains key data and analyses on the working age population (usually classified as those aged 16-64) of West Sussex.

Being healthy, both physically and mentally, has a big impact on work and so too does work impact on physical and mental wellbeing. However, the relationship between work and health is complex.

Poor health may lead to reduced productivity and withdrawal from the labour force due to disability or early retirement and loss of employment may further adversely affect health among people with existing health problems. Unemployment is associated with an increased risk of mortality and morbidity, including limiting illness, cardiovascular disease, poor mental health, suicide and health-damaging behaviours

Many of the risk factors associated with poor health among the working age population are avoidable and can be prevented in some way by adopting healthy lifestyles such as engaging in physical activity, reducing and quitting tobacco use, healthy eating and reducing and quitting drug and alcohol use.

This section is presented under several headings, reflecting the available demographics of the workforce in West Sussex, data on housing, environment, lifestyles and wider determinants of health.

Data on the health behaviours of the working age population are also included:

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