West Sussex Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2018

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West Sussex’s Health and Wellbeing Board has now published its findings and recommendations on pharmaceutical service provision across the County. The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) looks at the provision and availability of pharmaceutical services provided by pharmacies, dispensing doctors and appliance contractors. It is used by NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities in making decisions about pharmaceutical services. It also contains information about West Sussex such as population growth, age profiles, deprivation and local health and wellbeing priorities.

In addition to details of pharmaceutical services in West Sussex, the 2018 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment and appendices to the PNA 2018 include the views and feedback from West Sussex residents and pharmaceutical service providers who were consulted during its development.

The PNA concluded that current services are adequate to meet pharmaceutical needs. However, it recommended that there is scope for improving patient access and choice for certain services and geographic areas.

Further details about the PNA and previous reports can be found on the West Sussex County Council website.