RightCare Commissioning for Value (CfV)

The Commissioning for Value (CfV) programme was developed to support clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) identify the best opportunities to improve healthcare for local populations. The CfV programme provides commissioners with data, evidence and tools concerning spend, outcomes and quality in order to help transform the way care is delivered to local populations, and reduce health inequalities. It is a partnership between NHS England, PHE and NHS RightCare.

NHS RightCare produce a range of products to help CCGs review data and evidence so they can improve the way they deliver care to their local populations. Some of the key products include:

  1. CCG data packs: The original data packs show CCGs ‘where to look’ in order to identify opportunities to improve outcomes for their local population.

  2. Focus packs: These focus packs provide information on areas of highest spend, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental health, dementia, and maternal health. The packs aim to summarise outcome measures and information on the most common procedures and diagnoses for specific conditions.

  3. Commissioning for Value Explorer: The CfV Explorer is an interactive tool that allows the user to explore relationships between two indicators.

  4. Commissioning for Value Tool: The CfV tool is an interactive tool where indicators can be selected and viewed across one or more CCGs. This helps to make comparisons with similar areas on indicator/s of interest using maps, charts and tables.

  5. Pathways on a page packs: These summarise pathways for 13 patient conditions, and aim to help identify the best opportunities for improvement in spend and outcomes. The 2014 pathways on a page (and data packs) for the South of England are available to download for Coastal West Sussex CCG, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG and Crawley CCG.

  6. Atlases: The NHS Atlas of Variation can be used to examine data that relate investment, activity and outcome to a whole population. The 2015 Atlas can be downloaded as a pdf or can be explored with the interactive atlas tool. The Atlas of Variation Opportunities Locator is a companion tool to the Altas that can be used to select and view the maps for a specific CCG or local authority.

RightCare have also developed a CCG Spend and Outcome Tool (SPOT) that helps to illustrate spend and outcomes for specific conditions and provides comparison with similar CCG populations along with specific factsheets for each CCG.

The ‘Similar 10 CCG Explorer tool’, also developed by RightCare, clusters each CCG with 10 CCGs that share similarities in their populations. By providing this comparator group, each CCG should be able to identify realistic opportunities to improve healthcare for their CCG population. The methodologies for these tools are available on the NHS England website.