A subject specific needs assessment provides data and information on the health needs of either a particular population group or around an important health issue. These needs assessments usually give an overview of the population or health issue in question, discuss the risk factors and wider determinants affecting this and describe the service provision for this group or issue.

To give a more in-depth and accurate understanding of the issues discussed in these needs assessments, the public and professionals are often asked to give their views. Engaging with these groups may highlight issues not identifiable from the numeric data and provide insight into the factors affecting problems, such as lack of uptake of a service.

Some of the most important features of a needs assessment are the recommendations they provide. These bring together all the data and views collected and identify how health outcomes can be improved. The recommendations can be used to develop local priorities and guide effective and efficient commissioning.

Below, you’ll find pages housing all our recent subject specific needs assessments, along with relevant evaluations, briefing notes and equity audits. These needs assessments can also be found on other relevant pages (e.g. needs assessments relating to children and young people will also be found in Starting Well).