The vast number and complexity of factors that affect our health and wellbeing mean that the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) cannot be a single document or piece of analysis. Rather, it encompasses a huge range of work, including detailed needs assessments relating to specific subjects or communities, evaluations of new local programmes or activities, local surveys and a range of briefings and ad hoc analyses.

To provide a clear picture of population-level health, care and wellbeing, we have moved to producing a set of smaller “bite-sized” products:

  • The JSNA Summary - This is a brief run through of the health and wellbeing issues at county level, spanning the whole life course from conception to end of life. It is updated annually.
  • Infographics at county and District and Borough level relating to needs and assets.
  • A summary of “voice” - This provides a brief overview of the main public, patient and service user engagement exercises over the last year. This is jointly produced with Healthwatch and is updated annually.
  • Datasets relating to children and young people and older people.

You can download the most recent comprehensive JSNA Summary report and Voice Summary below, alongside infographics describing the populations of each of the seven districts and boroughs in West Sussex and the health challenges they face.


West Sussex JSNA Summary 2021/22 (PDF, 5.65Mb)


West Sussex JSNA Summary 2019 (PDF, 9.65Mb) West Sussex JSNA Summary 2018 (PDF, 3.3Mb) West Sussex JSNA Voice Summary 2018 (PDF, 0.5Mb)

People and challenges infographics (2019 versions)

Please note: we are currently updating the West Sussex JSNA site so please check back soon for updates.