The Director of Public Health (DPH) has a statutory duty to publish an Annual Public Health Report that details the state of health within the local population. This year’s Annual Public Health Report outlines a joined up approach to health and wellbeing across the public, voluntary, community and private sector to promote health and wellbeing and prevent ill health across West Sussex.

Key messages from the report are:

  • Public health is everyone’s business
  • Health is not just about health and social care services. To improve health we need to work together on the wider, social determinants of health
  • Health and wellbeing benefits need to be felt by all – West Sussex has considerable health inequalities
  • To tackle complex problems, such as obesity, we need to work at different levels; working with individuals, families, friends; the wider community and at a population level.
  • Population-level approaches are likely to be the most cost-effective, but require sustained commitment as benefits are often delivered over a longer time period
  • Placing Health at the heart of all our business will deliver many additional ‘co-benefits’.


Annual Public Health Report 2018 (PDF, 2.17Mb)

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