The West Sussex Tobacco Control Needs Assessment has now been published

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As a population we’re living longer but spending more years in poor health and in need of health and social care services. Tobacco−free living helps people live healthier for longer by reducing a person’s risk of developing tobacco related diseases. Tobacco remains the single major cause of preventable ill−health and death.

Tobacco control is a scientifically proven program that seeks to address the preventable ill-health, death, disability and other consequences of tobacco use.

A comprehensive approach to tobacco control in West Sussex will:

  • Protect children from harm, giving them a better start in life.
  • Boost the disposable income of the poorest and help lift them out of poverty.
  • Cuts costs to local public services such as the NHS, social care services, fire services etc.
  • Improve key measures of population health (e.g. deaths from cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, number of children living in poverty, sickness absence).

The West Sussex Public Health and Social Research Unit have reviewed local and national evidence and engaged with the public and professionals to identify the current and future tobacco control needs across the county. Based on the evidence, the Tobacco Control Needs Assessment 2016 (TCNA) will help inform the development of local priorities and guide commissioning of tobacco control activities. Findings from key stakeholder engagement activities can be found in the Appendices - TCNA 2016 document.

The infographic summary below showcases the main facts and key actions identified in the Needs Assessment.


The three documents can also be found by clicking on the links below: